How to Preserve the Aroma of Your Cannabis

how to preserve the aroma of your cannabis

It takes time, care, and patience to ensure that your cannabis plants have an irresistible tantalizing aroma. Sniffing weed once is often enough to distinguish a good weed from a bad one, which is why it’s so critical.

Cannabis emanates a heavenly aroma which is a sign of its freshness. Running your hands over a fresh bunch of buds and giving it a whiff will reveal what makes cannabis’s aroma so alluring. If you decide to cultivate it at home, you’ll need to understand the various factors that help preserve its aroma. Even the slightest mistake might make your cannabis lose its precious aroma and render it unappealing for anyone who wants to consume it.

How to preserve the aroma of cannabis? If you are looking for ways to preserve the aroma of cannabis, there are a lot of tips that you may want to consider. Here in this write-up, we delve into the golden principles of preserving the aroma of cannabis.

Tips On How To Preserve The Aroma Of Cannabis

Here’s how you can preserve the aroma of your cannabis by practicing the following golden rules. Stick around to learn more.

1. Don’t Touch The Trichomes

Consider taking a reasonable amount of precaution while handling the trichomes of the cannabis plant. Practicing these precautionary measures at all stages of development and plant care is crucial. Trichomes are brittle, and not handling them with care might lead to damage and breakage. These trichomes are highly rich in the terpenes that are responsible for the aroma.

When your hands get in contact with trichomes, they start smelling great. This is because you probably damaged the trichomes. Sometimes touching some parts of the buds is unavoidable while trimming it. If that is the case, just be sure to hold it gently.

2. Flush Your Cannabis Plant

Flushing your cannabis plant is important to make the aroma of terpenes more prominent. Skipping or not performing this step properly may cause the excessive nutrients to overshadow the pure aroma of cannabis. Flushing well requires a good amount of knowledge beforehand.

What’s the right time to flush your plants? Well, it highly depends on how you are growing your plant. You need to flush your plants right before the harvesting time commences. For plants growing in soil, you may flush two weeks before harvesting. However, in the case of a hydroponic system, a period of 10 days is ideal.

3. Pick Wet Trimming Over Dry Trimming

There are two methods used for trimming the cannabis plant. It’s entirely up to the growers whether they like wet or dry trimming. Wet trimming refers to trimming it before the drying process, whereas dry trimming is done right after the drying process of the cannabis.

If you’re trying to preserve the aroma of your cannabis buds, go for wet trimming. Wet trimming exposes the trichomes to a lesser risk of getting damaged. You just trim the plant stalk by stalk, and it’s a lot easier and safer for the plant.

4. Dry Your Cannabis Well

The drying process plays a significant role in preserving the aroma. Doing it right requires you to provide the plant with optimal Conditions like temperature and humidity. You need to consider the environmental conditions as well. Make sure to give it enough time. Sometimes one week is enough to dry the buds completely. However, some cases require you to give them up to two weeks. You need to stay patient with the amount of time you have to give, as this may ultimately affect the aroma of your buds.

5. Use Glass Jars

Many growers end up making the worst mistake while curing cannabis. They store the buds in a plastic bag. Microplastic particles can have destructive effects on the terpenes in your buds. Make sure to use glass jars for this purpose to ensure the best results.

Final Thoughts:

If you are still wondering how to preserve the aroma of the cannabis plant? Well, this question has no cut-short answer as you need to take precautionary measures at every step. If you’re not ready to invest your patience and time in it, you may end up losing the precious aroma. If you feel like taking the easier way, you should get your hands on some of the best aromatic buds from Farmacy District.