What is Moon Rock Weed? How to Smoke it?

Every weed smoker truly knows the feeling of being high. You become so relaxed that your mind feels in a dream-like state. Your sense of time and space starts to change, and you might even get the munchies. 

But what if there was a weed strain that was so potent it took your high to a whole new level? Well, that’s where moon rock weed comes in. Disclaimer -This super-potent strain is not for beginners!

The culture of smoking weed has become more and more mainstream in recent years. With legalisation spreading across the country, people are becoming more open to trying it out. 

If you’re new to cannabis, you should steer clear of this one. But what exactly is Moon Rock weed? Let’s find out below.

moon rock weed

What is Moon Rock Weed?   

Moon rocks weed buds, or cannabis nugs are dipped or sprayed in hash oil and then rolled in a kief. This process makes the weed bud much more potent. 

Moon rocks weed can have THC levels five times the potency of regular weed! So, if you’re looking to get super high, then moon rocks are the way to go.

moon rock weed   

The origin of moon rocks is a bit of a mystery. No one is quite sure who came up with the idea or where it originated. Moon rocks are the THC mega-hits of the cannabis world, and they’re taking over the West Coast. 

Some common terpenes found in cannabis are also found in Moon Rocks but with increased concentration which might add to the potent high.

Many recent studies dictate that the THC levels in weed have been steadily growing over the past few years. So, it only makes sense that moon rocks would be the next logical step in this trend.

According to Hubspot, the cannabis industry has overcome stoner stereotypes, and now marijuana marketing is more like Apple marketing as the taboos surrounding the plant fades. With this, many new products are being created, and one of these is Moon Rocks.

How Potent Are Moon Rock?

We understand that some people might be new to the world of cannabis. Potency might be a bit of an overwhelming term for them. So, let’s break it down. 

The THC levels in moon rocks are usually about 50% which is pretty high compared to regular cannabis, which contains around 20-25% THC. Some flowers even go up to 30%. But that’s not it; moon rocks also have a good amount of CBD.

The effects of smoking moon rocks are pretty intense and long-lasting as compared to regular weed. The high from moon rocks lasts about 3-4 hours which is pretty impressive. 

A single hit of moon rocks is enough to take you to space and back! Ohh, and we almost forgot to mention that the effects of moon rocks are pretty much immediate. You’ll start feeling high within seconds of taking a hit.

Pros And Cons That Come With Smoking Moon Rocks

moon rock weed

Smoking moon rocks come with many pros. But like every other good thing in life, it is also crafted with some cons you might want to know about before indulging in the smoking spree. 

So, what are these pros and cons? Let us take a look.


  • The THC level in moon rocks is very high, which gives users a more potent high.
  • Moon rocks offer a more intense flavor than other strains of weed.
  • Moon rocks are a great way to conserve weed.
  • Easy and cost-effective to make at home.
  • Provides several benefits to medical patients that other strains of cannabis cannot provide.
  • It offers a fun and unique smoking experience.


  • The high THC level can overwhelm first-time users and cause anxiety or paranoia.
  • You will get super duper high if you are not careful while smoking moon rocks, and this can be unpleasant for some people.
  • Smoking moon rocks can be harsh on your throat and lungs.
  • The rocks are very sticky, making them difficult to handle and leading to a mess.

So, these are some of the pros and cons of smoking moon rocks. It is up to you to decide whether you want to give it a try or not. But we suggest you do because it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will never forget.

How To Smoke Moon Rocks Weed: A Step-By-Step Guide

We know you have been waiting so long to know the process of smoking moon rocks. So, without further ado, let us begin.

Smoking moon rocks is not as difficult as it may seem. It is pretty easy if you know the proper steps. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to smoke moon rocks:

  • Use Glassware

The first step is to get your hands on the proper glassware. You will need a pipe or bong with a big bowl to hold the moon rocks. 

Make sure that the bowl is deep enough. Remember that it is greasy and thick, so a regular bowl will not work.

  • Cut The Nug

Once you have the proper glassware, the next step is to cut the nug. You will need a sharp knife for this purpose. 

Cut it into small chunks with the help of a knife. Do not make the chunks too small, as they will fall through the bowl and be challenging to handle.

  • Pack Your Bowl

Now that you have cut the nug into small pieces, it is time to pack your bowl with flowers. Then take a small piece of the moon rock and top. Do not pack it too tightly, as it will be difficult to smoke.

  • Light It Up

For this step you need a lighter. A butane torch is the best option, as it will help light your bowl quickly. Be sure to hold the lighter close to the bowl so the heat can reach the moon rocks.

  • Inhale Slowly

Here comes your most wanted step, taking a hit. Slowly inhale the smoke and enjoy the flavor. Do not inhale too quickly, as it will cause you to cough.

  • Hold Your Breath

Once you have taken a hit, hold your breath for a few seconds before exhaling. This will help you to get the full effect of the moon rocks.

  • Enjoy The Taste

Now that you know how to smoke moon rocks, it is time to sit back, relax and enjoy the taste. Smoke it slowly and savor the flavor.

Preserving the aroma of Cannabis is very crucial. Read our blog, How To Preserve Aroma Of Cannabis, to get some more tips.


Moon rocks are the hottest new way to smoke weed. Essentially, they are nugs of marijuana dipped in or covered in hash oil, then rolled in kief. Damn, the kief makes it so potent! 

The smooth taste and long-lasting high make moon rocks a favorite among cannabis users. Forget the worldly issues for a while; sit back and relax. 

Let the moon rocks do their work. You will surely enjoy the ride. Don’t forget to write a comment below and let us know how it went!


Are moon rocks legal?

Yes, moon rocks are legal in Washington, and you can easily buy them from a dispensary or online store.

What are the effects of smoking moon rocks?

The effects are pretty intense. You can expect a long-lasting high that will leave you blissful and relaxed.

Is moon rock weed dangerous?

No, moon rock weed is not dangerous. However, it is very potent and should be used in moderation.

What are the side effects of moon rocks?

The side effects of moon rocks are pretty minimal. You may experience dry mouth and red eyes, but that is about it.