How to Save Your Joint for Later: A Step-by-Step Guide

Every cannabis lover knows the frustration of having a precious joint go to waste. Canna joint is a precious commodity, and it can be difficult to savor the flavor if you don’t know how to store it. Many beginners are at a loss when preserving the quality of their joints. How to save your joint for later is a hot question and should not be puzzling.

Do you ever feel like your joints are burning a hole in your pocket? Maybe you’ve got a primo strain you’re not ready to light up or save for a special occasion. Whatever your reasons, keeping your joint for later are a handy skill. 

But how do you keep it from getting stale or crushed? Fear not, my green-thumbed friends. With a few expert tips, you can stash away your bud like a pro and enjoy it whenever you please.

Farmacy District is genuinely concerned about your cannabis experience, so we have put a blog post that will give you a step-by-step guide on how to save your joint for later. Sit back, read the thorough article, and prevent future joint tragedies.

What Is Cannabis Joint? | A Basic Overview

As we enter the era of legalized marijuana, the term “cannabis joint” seems on everyone’s lips. But for those who have yet to partake, allow me to offer a basic overview. A cannabis joint is a popular method of consuming the plant by rolling it into rolling paper and lighting it up. 

It’s been around for decades, but the possibilities are endless with new strains and potencies available. Whether you’re seeking a cerebral high or want to unwind after a long day, a cannabis joint is the perfect companion. [1]

Many cannabis users choose to store their joints for later use. This prevents wastage, plus allows you to enjoy your favorite strains at different times. But how to save your joint for later? To ensure your joint remains fresh and ready to be enjoyed, read how to put out a joint and keep it with some easy tips.

How to Put Out a Joint Properly?

Any seasoned cannabis strain user will tell you that knowing how to put out a joint properly is essential. Not only is it important for your safety, but also to save your joint for later use. But don’t worry, it’s easy! Here are some simple methods for proper joint-putting out procedures:

  • Leaving

You can simply leave a joint in an ashtray to learn how to put out a joint. However, this method may not be the best way to completely extinguish the joint, as the bud may smoke before leaving. Give it a try, and always go the joint in a fire-resistant container like an ashtray, metal can, plate, or glass cup. For added safety, you can also cover it with water. [2]

  • Stamping

Another popular method of putting out a joint is stamping it with your finger or a flat surface. This helps keep the bud from smoldering and preserves its flavor for future use. Just make sure to use an excellent surface not to burn yourself. If you’re using ashtrays, ensure the ash is cold before putting out your joint.

  • Blowing

Have you ever seen a magician use a puff of air to extinguish a candle? Similarly, you can blow on the joint lightly with your mouth to put it out. This is the most commonly used method, allowing you to preserve flavor and potency. Just be sure not to blow too hard, or you may waste precious bud. Sometimes it’s necessary to give the joint a couple of puffs before fully extinguishing. [3]

  • Dampen

A lesser-known yet convenient way to put out a joint is to dampen the bud with saliva lightly. This method is excellent for maintaining flavor and preserving your joint for later use. Just be sure not to overdo it, as too much moisture can make the joint soggy and difficult to light up again. Many experienced cannabis users carry a spray bottle of water to put out their joints.

  • Flicking

Before discussing how to save your joint for later, let’s talk about one last way you can put it out – flicking. This is a quick and easy method that can be done with the help of a lighter. Hold the joint over the lighter for a few seconds until it begins to smoke, then flick it away into an ashtray or metal can. 

Be careful not to flick it too hard, or you may waste some of the buds. Now that you know how to put out a joint properly, let’s talk about how to save your joint for later use.

How to Save Your Joint for Later? | A Step-By-Step Guide

Not all cannabis users finish their joints in one go. While you may want to enjoy your joint at different times, storing it properly can be challenging. To help, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to save your joint for later: [4]

  • Lightly Tap Out the Ash

The first step in saving your joint is to tap the ash lightly. You want to avoid too much ash in your joint as it can make it harder to re-light and affect its flavor. Just give it a gentle tap over an ashtray or plate, then save the ashes for later use.

  • Look For Different Methods of Extinguishing

Once you’ve tapped out the ash, look for different methods of extinguishing your joint. You can leave it in an ashtray, stamping it out with your finger or a flat surface, blowing it lightly with your mouth, slightly dampening the bud with saliva, or flicking it away into an ashtray or metal can.

  • Store It in an Air-Tight Container

Once the joint is extinguished, you’ll want to store it in an air-tight container. This prevents moisture from entering the joint and keeps its flavor intact for future use. A regular Ziploc bag will do the trick if you don’t have any special containers. How to save your joint for later is an essential skill that every cannabis user should know.

  • Seal It in an Airtight Container

You can seal your joint in an airtight container like a mason jar or glass tube for added protection. This helps keep the flavor and potency intact for later use. You can also refrigerate or freeze the joint if it is stored for an extended period.

The pre-rolls at Farmcy District are perfect for saving and storing. Not only do they come in air-tight containers, but they also taste delicious!


As a cannabis user, you should know how to put out a joint and how to save your joint for later. Making the perfect and efficient joint is an art and challenging to master. However, understanding the basics of putting out and storing your joint will ensure you get the most out of your cannabis experience.

Farmcy District is a trusted source to buy edibles, concentrates, pre-rolled joints, and accessories like airtight containers to help you store them for later use. Check out our selection today. Contact us with any questions; our friendly staff will gladly help. 


1. What is the best way to save a joint for later?

Storing your joint in a container is advisable to protect it from damage by the weather. A doob tube is a type of slim container that’s designed to hold joints. These tubes are commonly made of titanium or plastic, providing a discreet, convenient way to carry a joint or blunt.

2. How do you store leftover joints?

A glass mason jar is a simple solution to save your weed and can also be used to store fresh bud. Since glass doesn’t absorb odors, it is a good option. Its lid provides an airtight seal. You can also try a doob tube, which is a cylindrical container meant for storing new and half-smoked joints.

3. How can I make my joint smoke better?

To light a joint, hold it over a lighter flame and rotate it as it’s being lit. Take small, even puffs and avoid inhaling the first draw, as taking deep breaths can cause it to burn too quickly. Just keep in mind that joints don’t burn like cigarettes.

4. Should you freeze your joints?

If you have an injury or experience joint pain after exercising, moving furniture, or gardening, try using ice. Applying an ice pack to the affected area can reduce inflammation and pain by decreasing blood flow. Inflammation can cause swelling around your joint, making it feel stiff.






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