Magic Mushrooms: A Major Breakthrough – What Is All The Hype About?

magic mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms or psilocybin mushrooms have been popularly used by the inhabitants of Europe and America for hundreds and thousands of years. The magic mushrooms were known as the “sacred herbs” with curative effects that are sometimes used for the unique sense of connection, euphoria, and time distortion.

Some users report feeling a peaceful high with magic mushrooms, which is generally associated with their ability to influence serotonin levels in the brain. How long do magic mushrooms take to kick in? In general, you’re likely to start feeling the effects of magic mushrooms within 20 to 40 minutes. However, it may take longer sometimes. Stick around to learn more about magic mushrooms.

What Are Magic Mushrooms?

Commonly known as shrooms or psilocybin mushrooms, these magic mushrooms contain a drug called psilocin or psilocybin, which can cause hallucinating effects. Magic Mushrooms are known for their overwhelming effects that can overpower your nervous system with an incredibly soothing high. It may even induce certain health benefits if you consider micro-dosing. Here’s a list of the best products to explore:

How To Consume Magic Mushrooms?

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If you’re wondering what is the most suitable method of consuming magic mushrooms, here’s a complete guide for you. The following are the most popular methods of consuming magic mushrooms:


Smoking is the most popular method, preferred by many consumers around the world. Now the question is can you smoke magic mushrooms or not? The simple answer is yes; however, this method involves several health risks, which is the major downside of smoking magic mushrooms. Thus, smoking is not recommended; still, many users love the experience.

Pairing Up With Other Foods

Another way to consume magic mushrooms is to mix them with your favorite meals and consume them as such. You can grind it and add it to your recipes to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of using magic mushrooms.

Add To Your Favorite Drinks

If you feel that eating mushrooms is an unpleasant experience for you, you can conveniently add them to your favorite drinks. Adding additional flavorings can make the administration even more fun and exciting. Adding magic mushrooms to tea is a lot easier for the digestive system to digest them.

How Long Do Magic Mushrooms Stay In Your System?

If you want to know how long do magic mushrooms stay in your system, here’s all you need to know. Firstly, you must note that the metabolic rate is different for everyone. Thus, magic mushrooms take a different amount of time to metabolize according to the metabolic rate and other individual factors.

Factors like body mass, frequency and amount of doses, and age can significantly impact it. Although the peak of the experience is noted for around 90 minutes, magic mushrooms stay in your body for a longer period.

A)   Urine

Generally, a normal drug test is not designed to be able to detect psilocybin; however, it may somehow detect traces of the drug in your urine sample for around 24 hours after you ingest it.

B)   Blood

Blood tests are comparatively less common to detect psilocybin, and it is only detectable in a blood test within a few hours after ingestion. Thus, blood tests are safer if you’re trying to pass a drug test.

C)   Hair

Just like other drugs, your hair follicles can retain psilocybin for about 90 days. However, the test requires collecting a large sample of your hair to detect the presence of psilocybin.

Research Findings

According to a John Hopkins Medicine Researchers report, psilocybin mushrooms may effectively improve your nervous system’s response to stressful situations. When paired with psychotherapy, psilocybin is found to have wonderful effects in reducing the symptoms of depression in patients. It has been found that even the first two doses can show profound impacts on the symptoms of the patients.

Another study made in 2014 revealed that switching to psilocybin may help longtime smokers quit smoking. John Hopkins Researchers illustrated astounding results of psilocybin to help smokers quit their habit of smoking which had been a tough row to hoe otherwise.

To be more precise, it’s been illustrated in a recent study that psilocybin may actively contribute to increasing interaction and communication between different parts of the central nervous system, which is crucial to improving brain function. 


How Long Do Magic Mushrooms Last?

How long a magic mushroom lasts significantly depends on the type of mushroom. If you go for fresh ones, they will likely go bad within a couple of days. They would last up to 4 to 5 days in that case. However, if you’re picking dried mushrooms instead, you can enjoy the same potency for up to one year or even more.

Interestingly, if the psilocybin mushrooms are ground in a powder form or capsules, they’re likely to last more than 6 to 12 months sometimes. Edibles prepared with these mushrooms may last longer according to the expiration dates of the products. Make sure to keep them chilled for the best results.

Do Magic Mushrooms Show Up On A Drug Test?

Magic mushrooms might show up on tests specially designed to detect them. These tests aren’t performed generally due to the high costs involved. However, general 5-panel, 8-panel, 10-panel, and 12-panel tests cannot detect the presence of these mushrooms in your body.

Your mushrooms might be contaminated by other drugs that may appear on the drug tests.

How Much Do Magic Mushrooms Cost?

You’ll observe a drastic variation in the prices of psilocybin mushrooms. It significantly depends on the potency you’re purchasing, roughly costing you around $5 to $3100.

Are Magic Mushrooms Bad For You?

Magic mushrooms are found to have quite minimal harmful effects, if any. It can help you relieve several symptoms. Thus, they do not have any harmful side effects.

Can You Buy Magic Mushrooms Online?

Yes, you can get your hands on premium-quality magic mushrooms. However, ensure choosing a reputable supplier like Farmacy District for a good experience. Beware of the black sheep in the market to prevent wasting your money.

Are Psilocybin Mushrooms Being Legalized In Washington State?

The legislators of Washington State proposed a senate bill on January 5, 2022. This bill would open doors to the legalization of psilocybin for adults above the age of 21. Further steps for legalizing are expected to be taken by lawmakers in eleven states that are pursuing psychedelic reform legislation.

Where Can You Buy Magic Mushrooms?

At Farmacy District, we provide you with an incredible variety of rare magic mushroom strains, packing up the most premium quality product at the best price on the market.

Final Thoughts: 

Magic mushrooms can help you enjoy various positive health effects. However, you may experience several adverse effects in case of overdosing. Microdosing of magic mushrooms is a common practice that cuts down the number of health risks. 

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